Hovis Bread

Hovis Bread

We supply the full range of all Hovis bakery products. We have listed just a few for you to look at.


Granary Thick

Granary bread from Hovis slowly toasting wheat flakes used in their brewing process offered a distinctive malty taste, which is what gives our loaf its unique flavour today


Best of Both

Best of both is a mixture of 50% wholemeal flour and 50% white flour to give a healthier option to white bread. A good source of fibre.


Seed Sensations

Seed Sensations is a lovely fresh tasting healthier option that contains toasted brown linseeds, toasted sunflower, pumpkin, golden linseeds, millet and poppy seeds. Together they give it that lovely texture and full flavour.


Soft White Thick

White Thick sliced bread from Hovis is soft, fresh and has 6 days shelf life.


Wholemeal Thick

Hovis wholemeal is 100% wholemeal flour and comes with the true taste of Hovis heritage.

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