We supply the full range of all Kingsmill bakery products. We have listed just a few for you to look at.


50/50 Vitamin Boost

Soft White Bread made with 50% Wholemeal Wheat Flour. A good source of Iron and vitamin B6 which is very good for your immune system.


No Crusts

If you don’t like crusts on your bread this is the loaf for you. Did you know that all the crusts that are removed are sent to animal feed?


50/50 Multi-Seed

Great tasting bread that makes the perfect healthier sandwiches. Contains Omega-3 from Seeds. Baked with Yummy Seeds for a Satisfying Crunch. Tasty Linseed, Sunflower Seeds & Pumpkin Seeds. High in fibre. Source of omega 3. Source of protein. 45% daily wholegrain in 2 slices. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Halal – HFA Approved. Kosher – SKA.


Tasty Wholemeal

The best selling tasty wholemeal from Kingsmill is high in fibre, low in sugar and fat, and contributes to your recommended daily whole grain*.



Cut that little bit thicker and soft on the inside Kingsmill Toastie makes the perfect toast.


Soft White Medium

Kingsmill soft white medium is very soft and fresh. Kids love it with chocolate spread. Makes fantastic sandwiches and stays fresh for days.


50/50 Thick

The white loaf with hidden whole grain. 50/50 is a family favourite – a delicious soft white bread with 50% whole grain flour and no bits. 100% great taste for the whole family. The No1 50/50 in the country.

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