Wholesale Distribution of Bakestone Bread

Wholesale Distribution of Bakestone Bread

When it comes to the distribution of baked products, it often pays to depend on a local distributor. We specialise in wholesale distribution of Bakestone Bread and other bread products purely for the Manchester area. We source local products and allow you to support local business without breaking the bank. We can also offer a large range of options and ensure that you dealing with a local bakery, leading to higher quality products and better customer service. Based in Eccles, Manchester, we distribute products from a number of smaller bakeries as well as well known national brands, providing all customers who turn to us with the highest quality and freshest bread and baked goods.

Bakestone Bread items are premium baked products at a price that is far from premium. Their bread is baked using no artificial preservatives, and is made available at an excellent price, particularly when the size of their loaves is brought into consideration. As an example, their medium range hosts 26 total slices, making for excellent value for money and allowing your customers to get more bread for their money. Bakestone also create a number of other premium products, including breakfast products such as muffins and potato cakes, sliced rolls, barms and stotties, finger rolls, scones, fruit teacakes, scotch baps and many others.

The Bakestone breads and baked products that we sell are completely unique to our customers. They cannot be price compared to major supermarkets as they are not distributed on a nationwide basis. Instead, they are sold and distributed on a local level. This means that we can provide our customers in Manchester with bread that is of the quality of a local bakery, but with a price tag that is highly competitive. This allows our customers to experience and sell high quality bread without breaking the bank and having to turn to nationwide or global suppliers.

We are the company you can rely on for dependable and timely wholesale distribution of Bakestone Bread products throughout the Manchester area. We operate out of five sites across Northern England but primarily out of Manchester, so our customers can be assured of phenomenal customer service when they use us as their distributor. Our family run business takes great pride in offering the best possible baked products and providing a limited distribution service that ensures our customers receive only the best products with delivery times that suit their needs.

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