Wholesale Distribution of Hovis Bread

Wholesale Distribution of Hovis Bread

We have been established for 25 years and we have grown into a respected and leading name within the bakery industry. We specialise in the delivery of quality bread and bakery products to an extensive range of commercial businesses, along with the wholesale distribution of Hovis bread and many other leading brands. We are passionate bakers and we serve Greater Manchester in its entirety on a daily basis.

We are now the largest bakery distribution service in Manchester, and we have more than 600 satisfied customers. We also offer our own exclusive brands of bread. Our brands including Happy Bread, Brite and Bakestones are unique to our valued clients and cannot be price compared to any bread found in supermarkets. Our own brands have been specially developed and can be purchased in a range of local convenience shops.

Our collection of baked products features over 500 choices, and we also supply a large range of bread from every major bakery. We can fill any order of any size, no matter how big or small. From single items to multiple packs of products, we are happy to satisfy your requests. We offer burger buns, baps and barms and plain and seeded bread rolls in many shapes and sizes.

We also offer exquisite confectionery goods including muffins, flapjacks and cream cakes, and savoury hotplate goods such as potato cakes and crumpets. We regularly supply many catering establishments with our products and we are renowned for our affordable and consistently reliable services. We are the one stop solution for many schools, hotels, cafes and independent retail establishments, along with large scale and major catering outfits.

We ensure our delivery service is thoroughly dependable, and we will adapt to suit your schedules at all times. We take every step to provide the precise service you need and we go out of our way to meet the specifications of our customers. Our team will deliver at the time you request, and whether you need our services daily, weekly or sporadically we can assist.

We are a Manchester based company and we keep our client list to Manchester and the surrounding areas. This ensures that we can carry on delivering the highest quality service and the freshest products, and we believe this sets us apart from our competitors. The wholesale distribution of Hovis bread and our extensive product range and customer base reflects our position as one of the UK’s finest bread and baked good suppliers.

For further information, any queries or sales, please contact us.