Wholesale Distribution of Kingsmill Bread

Wholesale Distribution of Kingsmill Bread

We have been established since 1990 and have built a wealth of experience in the baking and distribution of baked goods. We have grown from humble beginnings to become the leading distributor in Manchester, with a huge customer base that includes large and small clients from various markets and sectors. The product range we offer is equally impressive and means we can cater for practically any requirements.

The key to our success and growth into such a popular supplier is that we focus on a relatively small area. This means that we can maintain very high standards, and offer a flexible delivery service to suit the needs of our clients. The end result is much stronger relationships with local businesses, fresher products, prompt deliveries and happier clients that are more likely to continue working with us in the future.

Being based locally means we can arrange deliveries to suit any time constraints, whether you require early morning services or delivery later in the day. We are focused on fulfilling the individual needs of our clients, so whenever it is best for you to receive your products is when we will deliver them. We can deliver daily, weekly or every two weeks depending on your needs. We will also endeavour to make sure everything is properly packed so they arrive in perfect condition and ready to use. We strive to deliver the highest standards we can, regardless of the scope and volume of products you order.

Our services include the wholesale distribution of Kingsmill bread and other products like wraps, rolls and morning goods such as crumpets and muffins. In terms of bread itself, we have many different varieties to choose from so we can cater for all kinds of requirements. Whatever your needs, we are confident we can provide the baked products you need.

Choosing our service means you will receive a reliable service and the best customer support at all times. We will also provide excellent value for money including great discounts when you buy in bulk. We offer a local service you can trust and rely on, regardless of how large or small your needs. When you need a company who offer affordable wholesale distribution of Kingsmill Bread, conveniently delivered to any address in Manchester, we are the company for you.

For further information, any queries or sales, please contact us.